Golf Cart Rules

With the continual expansion of our campground facilities, golf cart usage on the premises is increasing.  For this reason, we are asking that the following rules and regulations be strictly adhered to:


  • When checking in to the campground, owners must provide the office with proof of insurance, specifically indicating that coverage is provided for the golf cart.  Updated copies must be supplied when coverage is renewed.


  • There is a registration fee. Please see current rate brochure for information.


  • All drivers must have a current registered driver’s license.


  • Carts must be driven in a safe, courteous, and responsible manner at all times.


  • All riders must be seated in regular seats – no standing or hanging on carts.


  • All carts must travel on roadways and obey all posted motor signs. No carts are permitted on gravel pathways.

           Exception: Staff use only, as necessary.


  • All carts must be in good running condition, the brakes and lights must work.


  • Golf carts must be equipped with lights for nighttime driving. You are encouraged to display reflective tape or some other similar type of material on the rear of your cart, making it more visible from behind after dark.


  • Parking is restricted to cart and car parking areas only.


  • Only one cart per site, please.Inquire at the office, for exceptions if additional space is needed.


  • Carts are only to be used for travel to and from our amenities as needed. Due to high vehicle traffic and pedestrians, they may not be used for pleasure riding throughout the campground.


  • Pleasure riding is permitted only on the track surrounding the large lake. Please use caution when riding, being mindful of the safety of our bicycle riders, joggers, and walkers.


  • We are not responsible for golf carts remaining on site when the campsite is not occupied.


Enjoy your golf cart, but please adhere to the above rules.


We reserve the right to prohibit any golf cart on Friendship Village property if rules are disobeyed.

Friendship Village Campground & RV Park

348 Friendship Village Road

Bedford, PA 15522